Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Personal Dessert Chef - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Once a week I call him Chef Tariq. 

Coz once a week, he will be the dessert Chef at home.

I knew Tariq's interest in cooking is triggered at his Kindy Shamiza BrainyBunch Seremban Dua during their Practical Skill activity when little ones will learn to make one simple yet delicious dessert.

So when Tariq asked me if he can make cupcakes at home for the very first time, my eyes twinkle with happiness and my heart joyfully skipped a beat!

Of course can, sayang!, I told him.

And I immediately went to buy the simplest Stand Mixer suitable for little hands to operate.

One of the funniest things he said to me was when he saw his cupcakes in the oven doubled its size, he excitedly called me,

Mama!! Look!! Tariq's cupcakes already sado (macho)!!

Haha! Cupcake sado?

I guess that's what happened when we have our sons baking.

We got a Sado cupcake!

But sado cupcake or not, I do want Tariq to know how to cook and bake.

He should not think kitchen is a women's territory.

And I want him to be comfortable in the kitchen. I want him to explore the wonders of creating something from scratch. I also want him to be independent. I want him to know that cooking is not an exclusively woman's task.

And most of all, selfishly, I want him to always remember our times together when he enters the kitchen, InshaAllah.

Tariq stirring slowly making sure his jelly melts properly

When can I eat Mama.. I am hungry..

Yes, piping too! I love his cute little icing piping... so seketul seketul like that..

Pouring some flour into the mixer

Slowly and carefully pouring the hot jelly..

Carefully arranging the cupcake case. A delicate task that uses a lot of his fine motor skill..

Watching the beautiful dance mix between flour and butter

Mama!! Look!! The cupcakes are sado!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Brotherly Love - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Weeks back, Tariq came back from school, hugged me around my waist and said he is sad. 

When asked why, he said, 

'Mama... Tariq wants a little brother..'

I was speechless.

Quickly I said to him, 'If Tariq wants Adik, then you must make duaa to Allah. Ask from Allah to give you Adik...but... even if Allah doesn't give Tariq any Adik, it is because Allah knows Tariq is enough for Mama and Baba..okay sayang?'

Okay Mama.., Tariq answered still in a sad tone.

I think I know why. Many of his friends suddenly has new Adik.. Nazeer has Adik, Uwais has new Adik, Rafael has new Adik, Zahra has new Adik, Safiyyah has new Adik..

But Tariq? Still one and alone.

That's why when I see him showing love and tenderness; and giving attention to little ones, I am not surprised. 

In fact I am glad. And thankful.

That sometimes, there are little ones who gave a chance for Tariq to shower his big brotherly love and attention to..


Naasih mengadu reporting to Abang Tariq about something that makes him sad..

Tariq really adores Amin

Amin sharing some cerita with Abang Tariq

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes from My Twitter Tweets and Facebook

Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way - George Evans

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Fragility of Children's Eyes - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Starting from today, I added boiled Baby Carrots with chili sauce dip into Tariq's breakfast menu.


Coz last week I brought Tariq to see an Ophthalmologist as his eyes produced some discharge. Dr Tan also did an eye test.

To my surprised, Tariq couldn't see the alphabets after the 5th line.

Dr Tan asked if Tariq played a lot of video games or iPad.

No. He doesn't have an iPad and he doesn't play video games too. He is kinda a gadget-deprived kid, I answered giving Tariq a new label.

What about books? He reads a lot of books?, continued Dr Tan

Yes, he does read a lot of books, I told her

Then, it must be the books. Children's eyesight can be affected either if playing too much games on electronic gadgets; or reading a lot of books too close to his eyes, explained Dr Tan

Ya Allah, I felt so guilty. I was really caught off-guard. If Tariq continues this way, he will need glasses sooner than later.


So, I decided to do two things- one, to keep an eye on the distance of the book Tariq hold to his eyes; and two-to make him eat lots and lots of baby carrots to help improve his vision, InshaAllah

So, to Tariq's eyes...,

we are sending loads of Beta-carotene and other vitamins and minerals your way, so heal baby heal, InshaAllah!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Getting The Perfect Picture - Inspirational Story as a Parent

At a wedding yesterday, we took some pictures. And I wasn't happy with our first snap coz Tariq was busy chewing food and had a crooked smile. 

Tariq, show Mama some teeth when you smile, okay? Ready, 1,2,3..., I said


And so here is the result. 

Tariq's full sets of teeth... With a piece of food still in between his teeth. 

Are you happy now, Mama?

Adoi... nie lah anak lelaki..



Friday, February 17, 2017

Prayers For Our Children - Inspirational Story as a Parent

As any other parents, we make a lot of duaas for our children. InshaAllah this blessed Friday morning, I am sharing one of my favourite duaa I make for Tariq... and you can change Tariq's name to your children and make this duaa yours too.. 💗

Ya Allah, I am your weak servant ya Allah. You are Most Powerful, Owner of everything and every creations, ya Allah. I ask from You ya Allah, to please love Tariq. And please make Tariq loves You and Your Prophets. Ya Allah, Most Loving Most Kind, please bless Tariq with beautiful manners, great personality and excellent conduct. Grant Tariq wisdom, intelligence and courage, ya Allah. Bless him with pious and righteous companions ya Allah. And bless him with a spouse whom he loves and she loves him too, and who loves her parents and Tariq's parents too, and that she raises his children in the way that pleases You, ya Allah..

Aamiin Aamiin ya Rabb, One and only God, Most Powerful, Most Loving, Most Kind..

*I know he is only 5 and asking Allah a good spouse for him seems to be too early. But I also know that I might die anytime so I want to sent this duaa forward to Allah for Tariq, from his mother who loves him so much beyond measure..

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Importance of Keeping Your Promise - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Sometimes I forgot that he is just still a little (baby?) boy...

Here is the story:

One of the values I am always trying to instill in Tariq is the heavy weight of a promise. 

That's why when I promise him anything, I won't break it. Since he was a baby, a promise I make to him I will honor as how I honor a promise I make to any adult. InshaAllah.

And that's also why I don't make promises I don't intend to keep with Tariq.

So when he made a promise to me to just watch one dinasour YouTube video, I hold him to his words.

And when I found him watching the third dinasour YouTube video, I took my phone and turn my face away from him.

That's enough for him to know he has done something very wrong.

And he started crying and saying sorry again and again... until I looked at him again.

So yes...sometimes I forgot he is just a child.

But learning to keep promises as an adult starts from when you are a child...

Even if it's just a Dinasour YouTube video..

Monday, February 13, 2017

Everyday We Must Do One Thing Better Than Yesterday - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Sending and picking Tariq from school everyday is one of my favourite time of the day. 

During this short ride to school, I will get into Tariq's head and explore his thoughts, find out what's happening to him, his new interests, his concerns, his likes and dislikes, his dreams, his fantasy and angan2.. 

But more important is that during this time is the chance for me to share with him whatever my thoughts and concerns are.. coz you know...he is literally my captive audience with no where to run! Tak boleh lari kan...

However, it is not like I have an agenda everyday. I just go with the flow. Any topic comes up, that will be our conversation in the car.

So today when I was driving, I put down my window as the weather was just so beautiful MashaAllah. Air feels clean and the cool wind blowing quite strongly.

Mama, why you put down your window?, asked Tariq

The weather is great, Tariq. Just like in Perth. Feel it, I answered him

Yes Mama. So nice! said Tariq

Then he continued... Mama, when is long holiday? Tariq want to go to Perth and Finland again..

Well, it is still long time before holiday, Tariq. You must go to school many many months before holiday, I answered him

Tariq loves to go to school..., he confessed while smiling. Sejuk perut Mama.. Alhamdulillah..

That's great Tariq, (and here comes my advice)... You know sayang, as Muslims, our today must always be better than our yesterday... So how to be better today than yesterday?....Well, It can be anything... like going to school today will help Tariq learn new knowledge, so you are better today than yesterday... When you practice your swimming, your strokes will be better today than yesterday... When you read, your brain will know more stories today than yesterday.. When you are kind and help people and animals today, Allah will love you more today than yesterday... When you try new things, your today is better than yesterday..... We just need to try to do at least one thing better today than yesterday...... , Do you understand my darling, I asked him

Yes Mama, everyday we must do one thing better than yesterday, answered Tariq

And right then, we reached his school, Alhamdulillah